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More than 450.000 Hotspots live on Helium Network

After the helium network has already made headlines with well over 450,000 hotspots worldwide, Heliumrent has made it its task to connect further helium hotspot mining devices to the network via its association of radio network.Since the waiting times are well over 6-8 months, Heliumrent has made it a point to participate in their active network by investing in plan. The proceeds will be used to further expand the network to offer providers such as Lime, Uber and other mobility providers a developed network.Helium is currently one of the hippest cryptocurrencies and is right at the top of the trends. Their prices are stable towards growth and a mark of $ 100 is considered in a short time.With Heliumrent you are only one plan away and cash out your helium mining income dailyWe are excited about the future and look forward to more news about alternative 5G technology through the helium network